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AAOS 2014

AAOS 2014

(ACR2014) Two new studies confirm that being in remission dramatically reduces the increased risk for heart failure among rheumatoid arthritis patients. The larger one suggests that TNF-alpha inhibitors completely erase the added risk of congestive heart failure.

(AAOS 2014) A prospective registry study in the UK shows that for patients with all but the most severe knee OA, the most important gains from knee replacement surgery will be in pain rather than in physical function.

(AAOS 2014) Older women with comorbidities are at greatest risk for revision surgery after total knee arthroplasty, a nationwide study shows. Another large analysis shows an interesting quirk about the role of osteoporosis: Bisphosphonates help, but only in some circumstances.

(AAOS2014) Two newly reported studies suggest that the DASH (Disability of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand) instrument is no longer the best way to assess physical function in the upper extremities.

(AAOS2014) A review of hospital records from New Zealand, near areas where acute rheumatic fever is still not uncommon in patients with joint pain and inflammation, reveals 3 simple clues that distinguish it (almost, but not quite immediately) from septic arthritis.

(AAOS2014) A study of Cigna claims documents unmistakeably what happens to patients after lumbar fusion for degenerative conditions: Continued pain.

(AAOS2014): To clinical, demographic, and mental-health factors that predict a good outcome from total knee arthroplasty, add one simple independent factor: The patient's determination to reach full function, and confidence in doing so.

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