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ACR 2014

Continuing Coverage of ACR2014

The sessions may be finished, but information from the annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology remains vitally important long after the last presentation has been given. Watch our ACR2014 topic center for continuing revelations from the event of the year.

ACR 2014

(VIDEO) A gout drug with a new mechanism is showing promise in combination with existing remedies. In this interview, a leader in its progress to market tells why lesinurad could help put an undertreated disorder in a new light.

(VIDEO) A Baylor rheumatologist has comforting news about osteoarthritis for your patients who are (or used to be) joggers.

(ACR14) (VIDEO) In tests so far, the infliximab biosimilar BOW015, just approved in India, seems to look about the same to the human immune system as the original. Here, a VP of the company behind BOW015 talks about the realities of seeking approval in the US.

(ACR2014): This member of the Rheumatology Network Editorial Board liked two promising presentations about systemic sclerosis, and another that raised some provocative questions about which doctors we like to listen to.

(ACR2014) Another Rheumatology Network Editorial Board member weighs in: Christopher Collins MD saw reason for great encouragement in a report about an interferon-α blocker for systemic lupus erythematosus.

(ACR2014) Here RheumatologyNetwork Editorial Board member Roy Altman MD offers revelations from the conference about osteoarthritis. Click on the hyperlinked abstract titles to read the full details for each.

(ACR2014) Direct interleukin 6 blocker controls arthritis, enthesitis, and dactylitis in psoriatic arthritis.


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