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(AAOS2015) Evidence from large insurance databases shows that knee replacement often quickly follows arthroscopy or injections. It would make (economic and clinical) sense to go straight to surgery, the researchers contend.

Over five years, in the randomized GO-REVEAL study, golimumab helped more than half of psoriatic arthritis patients achieve minimal disease activity.

(AAOS2015) The first study to assess the effect of steroid injections on the hip joint suggests that they may hasten joint degeneration, but the co-injected local anesthetic is also suspect.

periodontal disease

Reviews by a rheumatologist and an oral health specialist spell out the evidence that links periodontal disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Can effective treatment of teeth and gums alter the course of the rheumatic disease?

The good news: At best, intraarticular hyaluronate injected into the knee for osteoarthritis (OA) is modestly effective. The bad news: At worst, it’s indistinguishable from placebo, in some meta-analyses.

knee osteoarthritis

An article describes attractive reasons to defer knee replacement. Researchers are working to find ways to replace damaged cartilage and collagen, and promote healing within the joint.


A comprehensive review covers current understanding of the mechanisms of osteoarthritis, including histology and signaling pathways, and options for early intervention and prevention of progression.


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