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Iulia Filip

Iulia Filip

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Many patients are resisting usage of patient portals or abandon using them after signing up. Here are 12 ways to get them on board permanently.

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With medicine's increased demands and time constraints, doctors are less likely to practice the healthy lifestyle they preach to patients.

Burnout is a serious issue for many physicians. Here are nine ways that can help restore their passion for medicine.


It's almost Valentine's Day. Here are 10 "valentines" that you can send to your payers, to improve and develop this important "relationship."


'Tis the season to celebrate the holidays with your staff. Practices must tread carefully, so that no one feels offended or excluded; here are some tips on how to do that.


Looking to move to one of the Best States to Practice — or another new state? Here's a guide that will help you out.

Keeping physicians in good physical and mental shape improves patient care and maximizes income for practices. Here are eight ways to prevent burnout.

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