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Leo Robert

Leo Robert

Leo Robert is Senior Editor at Consultantlive.com. Contact him by email here.



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Many nontraumatic low intensity complaints in the general population do not reach the threshold for consultation.

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The conditions often coexist, and a bidirectional association is suggested.

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The incretin-insulin axis and incretin effect are disrupted in patients with RA.

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Both romosozumab and calcium help fracture prevention, and most young adults have fractures at nonosteoporotic sites.

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Cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment strategies for patients with diabetes may apply.

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Residual disease activity is common, and treatment options abound, but for most patients changes are not being made.

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In the ARCH trial, romosozumab plus alendronate outperformed alendronate alone in reducing fracture risk.

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The latest studies explore new aspects of diagnosis, management, and comorbidities.

Treatment with a TNF inhibitor, tocilizumab, abatacept, or rituximab does not seem to result in more malignant neoplasms.


The risk of dying as a result of alcohol-related causes is greater in persons who have the condition.


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