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Whitney L. Jackson

Whitney L. Jackson

Whitney L. Jackson is a freelance journalist for Diagnostic Imaging and Rheumatology Network. Based in Durham, N.C., Whitney has covered the healthcare industry and medicine for 15 years in newspapers, magazines and trade publications. She writes about radiology, rheumatology, nursing, ophthalmology, surgery, community & family medicine, and many other aspects of clinical care and health policy. She completed a press fellowship with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2013. Contact her at whitneyljhowell@gmail.com.

Posts by Author

Women who have rheumatoid arthritis might benefit from treatment with denosumab over alendronate. According to a new study, denosumab is more effective at bone healing.

Doctor and patients perceive the importance of lupus medications differently. In this article, we feature a UAB-derived decision aid that highlights key considerations.

Less than half of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus reach low disease activity. Why? Experts say focus on disease duration, phenotype and other accepted predictive factors.

How one institution’s initiative improved patient history reporting, from RSNA 2016.

How radiology fits in to the ACO model, from RSNA 2016.

Radiologists can use data to demonstrate value, from RSNA 2016.

This series focuses on what it’s like to be a radiologist in a variety of settings. Here, we focused on integrated health care systems.

Researchers find that apremilast and CF101 both are safe and effective for psoriasis, but apremilast outperforms CF101 through 16 weeks, until it plateaus.

This review examines the pros and cons of bedaquiline for tuberculosis treatment.

Biologics might have revolutionized treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, but they can increase the risk of serious infections or hospitalizations in some patients.


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