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Karim Sacre, M.D., of Paris University, EULAR 2017

EULAR 2017: Although already known to be highly prevalent, this test reveals that cardiovascular events are even more widespread in lupus.

College mental health is not just a matter of identifying problems but also of creating a community of students, families, friends, mental health professionals, faculty advisors, and many others to help students gain psychological resiliency.

We need to join forces with our natural allies: the patients we treat and their families, as well as government, community, and business leaders, to make addressing the impact of violence and abuse one of our highest public health priorities.

Psychiatric Times welcomes Drs Allan Tasman and Michelle Riba as our new Editor and Deputy Editors in Chief.

It is important for all of us now and then to take a step back and recapture the wonder that we all felt at the onset of our careers, when treatments we now consider simple and routine held an aura of miracle. For me, a little bit of that wonder returns every time I treat a patient with a bony metastasis—in particular, from prostate cancer.

It was originally hoped that the presence of mutations in KRAS and other related genes would provide an easy answer as to whether to administer anti-EGFR antibody therapy to a given metastatic colorectal cancer patient. However, in nature nothing is simple, and there are a number of issues that practicing clinicians should be made aware of.

Sorting out the clinical implications of genomic data is going to require extensive or perhaps remarkably extensive clinical correlations; obtaining these clinical data will require the cooperation of our patients.


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