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Painkiller Risks in Pregnancy

Responding to concerns about the risks of NSAIDs, opiates, and acetaminophens in pregnancy, the Food and Drug Administration has said why new cautions aren't yet in order. In case patients ask, here are the details in brief.


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Rates of prescription filling and treatment adherence are very low in patients with new diagnoses.

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The conditions often coexist, and a bidirectional association is suggested.

With clinical overlap, study findings suggest vigilance and an active search for underlying inflammatory disorders.


The severity of long-term chronic pain that impedes daily life seems to be associated with higher mortality, researchers report.

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Prescribing opioids for chronic pain may be associated with some short-term efficacy, but there may be other alternatives physicians should consider.


Doctors, remember that pain is subjective and may not fall easily into a grading system, writes Dr. Irina Litvin, a rheumatology fellow at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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A rheumatologist picks 5 studies he found particularly noteworthy at EULAR and gets right to the point about their potential clinical implications.


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