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An alternative to 2011 ACR criteria for fibromyalgia (FM) diagnosis with more specifics about symptoms and pain proves better -- and easier -- for spotting FM in everyday clinical practice.


In 2014 hydrocodone-containing medications will likely be upgraded to Schedule II, making them a challenge to prescribe. What can you do for patients who truly depend on them for pain relief?

ACR2013: Cognitive problems among fibromyalgia patients do not worsen over time or lead to anything resembling Alzheimer disease, a new study shows.

Small case study reveals psoriatic arthritis risk with ustekinumab use for psoriasis. Also: Regulators toughen up on painkiller labeling, but is it enough?

Chronic pain affects more Americans than diabetes mellitus, heart disease, and cancer combined. Here are some facts and figures about pain for you to consider.

Most fibromyalgia patients randomized to continuing milnacipran (Savella) at the end of a clinical trial never noticed an increase in pain. Patients in the placebo group had quite a different experience.

This back pain doesn't feel anything like the usual fibromyalgia attack. Neither the chiropractor nor oxycodone helped. Now she's constipated. What diagnosis do you suspect?


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