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Change your name. Don't friend patients. Delete your Facebook account. This is official social media advice for today's medical students and physicians. What fuels physician Facebook phobia?

A small sham-controlled trial has shown significant differences in pain processing among fibromyalgia patients who used an FDA-approved device for at-home cranial electrical stimulation. It is evidently the first study to use fMRI to test the concept.

Pain is the main problem that sends patients to rheumatologists, but studies of medication for rheumatic disorders such as RA have focused on inflammation, not pain. A review points out what is not known currently about analgesia in inflammatory arthritis and urgently needs to be studied.

The evidence backs exercise programs for relief from some inflammatory disorders. But we're still not sure whether it helps other rheumatologic conditions, and we don't know why it helps when it does.

(AUDIO) A new paradigm in pain research provides simple ways to identify patients with disorders like arthritis or lupus who won't respond to standard treatments. Pain expert Daniel Clauw MD gives the details in this podcast.

New studies explore the neurology and psychology of pain in FM, patient knowledge, and evidence-based practice. The 2012 Canadian Fibromyalgia Guidelines recommend care by primary practitioners, not specialists.

Nearly all patients with fibromyalgia have sleep problems that may affect their lives even more than the disease itself.


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