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Top 3 GI Apps for Primary Care

Top 3 GI Apps for Primary Care

  • Carry a specialist in your back pocket.

  • HCV Therapy Selector: Intended to assist physician and patient select most appropriate treatment. Provides recommendations for patient profiles based on genotype, treatment history, & cirrhosis stage.

  • ASGE Clinical Practice Guidelines for GI Endoscopy:The ASGE guideline is fully searchable by any keyword; personalization features include notation, highlighting, and bookmarks.

  • Colonoscopy Helper: Provides complete, step-by-step illustrated guidance for colonoscopy prep, including specific reminders spread over 10 days. Graphics, text, plus audio instructions increase probability that prep is done right the first time.

We asked GI fellow and app developer Ted James, MD, of UNC Chapel Hill, to select a few GI-focused applications he thought every primary care physcian should have in hand. The 3 slides and quick captions here are his choices. Find more information on each below.


HCV Therapy Selector



ASGE Clinical Practice Guidelines for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy



Colonoscopy Helper



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