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Alzheimer disease prevents this woman from making sense, but she is agitated and groans. When lucid she walks fairly well, but look at her oversized knees. What's the cause?

In a recent study, both baseline and new multiple chronic conditions led to worse health in older patients.

An elderly woman with many comorbidities is hospitalized for nausea, vomiting, and this rash. Which of the many diagnoses is not a red herring?

What accounts for the 129% increase in admissions for constipation over the past decade—and what can be done to avoid these expensive and often unnecessary admissions? Primary care clinicians take note.

New joint criteria for systemic sclerosis are more sensitive than older versions and will allow faster and more accurate diagnosis.

These wounds occurred when this 77-year-old woman fell when chasing her dog. Such wounds—a combination of ecchymoses and erosion caused by blunt and sheering forces on fragile skin—are common in the elderly, even after relatively mild trauma. Simple interventions will promote healing.

Statins used for primary prevention in elderly patients result in a significant reduction in MI and stroke.


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