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A large population-based study found more patients already had atrial fibrillation at gout diagnosis compared with controls.


FDA approval of lesinurad for gout, in combination with an xanthine oxidase inhibitor, could spell relief for some gout patients.

A new study attempts to find consensus on a challenging problem: When is gout considered to be in remission?


Sleep apnea and gout have a lot in common: Both are associated with an increased level of uric acid and the incidence of gout.


Maintaining normal serum urate concentrations can prevent tophi formation in gout reducing cardiovascular risk factors.


The terminology used to describe gout in the medical literature is vague and sometimes confusing, new research finds.


The prevalence of gout in more affluent countries seems to be increasing in recent decades. Medications, co-morbidities, genetics and other risk factors are to blame.


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