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For key facts and figures about musculoskeletal disorders, perhaps a surprise as the fourth leading diagnostic category in primary care, see the pages that follow.

Courtesy Angela Potter, MD

A large population study shows that people with gout may have a reduced risk of dementia -– including Alzheimer’s disease. This is a significant finding and may support theories that uric acid has antioxidant properties and possible neuroprotective effects.

Courtesy Ayeh M. Abeles, MD and Michael H. Pillinger, MD

Effective treatment for gout management does exist, but without patient compliance, gout exacerbations continue to be common. Here: strategies to get buy-in from the patient.

Calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease is many times more common than rheumatoid arthritis, but rarely studied and difficult to diagnose. Here an expert rheumatologist offers the basics for management today and prospects for the future.


Expert rheumatologists examine patterns of treatment failure in gout, in light of six recent guidelines on the condition. This brief slide show based on their review summarizes basics about the guidelines and the clues to optimal treatment, linking to the review itself.

New research confirms that taking allopurinol during active gout does not prolong the flare, and genetic studies reveal a new factor in allopurinol sensitivity.


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