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Imaging in Rheumatology

Imaging in Rheumatology

Here Dr. DeMarco shows how to guide an injection of the hip using ultrasound. The trick is training yourself to identify the femoral neck and head and the trochanter, and then rotating the sensor to reveal the orientation of that particular joint, beneath all that tissue.

By Albertyanks Albert Jankowski (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Common

Swelling and stiffness in both knees kept this preadolescent girl from the usual running and jumping. Xrays were normal. What do you make of the MRI images?

Overlaps between PsA and OA can produce diagnostic confusion. Multimodality imaging may help sort things out

The 45-year-old woman turned up in the emergency room with an acutely painful, swollen thumb. Aspiration results were uninformative. What's the diagnosis?

(VIDEO) The fourth "Sounding Out Arthritis" video demonstrates how to use ultrasound to distinguish gout from pseudogout, with a demonstration of probe placement and narrated ultrasound images and videos.

Can you guess the unusual cause for this man's knee pain? What else is going on?

A 55-year-old man presented with bilateral knee pain. The images of his knees and chest (below) suggested a hereditary condition.Diagnosis:  Gaucher’s disease


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