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Imaging in Rheumatology

Imaging in Rheumatology

(VIDEO) First, a live demonstration of ultrasound probe placement to examine the Achilles tendon for enthesitis. Then, a narrated series of still slides and films showing normal and abnormal views from the ultrasound monitor.

(VIDEO) A demonstration of injection technique, followed by narrated ultrasound images from an actual procedure, show how to use ultrasound to guide aspiration and injection of the tibiotalar joint.

Residual synovitis is often seen on ultrasounds of rheumatoid arthritis patients. It may hint at relapse.

giant cell arteritis

(EULAR 2014) A comparative study has found cranial ultrasound more sensitive and no less specific than temporal artery biopsy, the current gold standard, for diagnosing giant cell arteritis.

(VIDEO) In this brief demonstration and slide show, rheumatologist Paul DeMarco MD shows how to use ultrasound to guide a glenohumeral joint injection.

Retirement-age female patient. Recent low back pain, intermittent sciatica. All initial signs normal. What tests would you order?

Could MRI detect the early signs of danger in patients who have not yet manifested symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis? New research suggests it can.


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