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The severity of long-term chronic pain that impedes daily life seems to be associated with higher mortality, researchers report.


Sjogren’s fails a clinical trial with rituximab and a cost analysis. Even with a significant discount, it’s still not cost effective.


The biosimilar adalimumab-atto is equivalent to its reference product — which it slightly outperformed in this trial.


Study comparing pharmaceutical-grade chondroitin sulfate to celecoxib for knee osteoarthritis shows similar rates of pain relief.

(Gout inflammation of big toe joint. ©ShutterRyder/Shutterstock.com)

Most patients feel they can control gout symptoms with modifications to diet and alcohol consumption, shows a survey by CreakyJoints. In this slideshow, we summarize the survey results.


The nuances of word choice in a doctor’s office may hold greater meaning than you think.


This study is among the first to show that aggressive treatment of early rheumatoid arthritis with biologic DMARDs benefits high-risk patients.


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