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16 Opioid Alternatives

The CDC recommends non-opioid alternatives for chronic pain, but some alternatives are more effective than others and some can be harmful. In this slideshow, we review the evidence.(©SteveHeap/Shutterstock.com)


© Puwatidjaturawatthichai/Shutterstock.com

Low proximal tibial trabecular bone mineral density may play a role in its development.

The first patient-led, patient-centered research registry for joint, bone, and inflammatory skin conditions enrolls 11,000 patients.

EULAR’s evidence-based guidelines cover the use of imaging in the clinical management of peripheral joint OA.

The disease progression prediction tool could facilitate clinical decision-making and delay total knee replacement surgery.

Hypertension goes up more than with celecoxib in patients who are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

In contrast to the inevitability of aging, modifiable postindustrial-era risk factors could signal that the disease is preventable.

This pharmaceutical-grade formulation should be considered a first-line treatment, European study authors concluded.


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