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(General population, London ©IRStoneShutterstock.com)

The burden of arthritis is increasing on the nation as a whole and on individual patients, the CDC states in a new report.

(Arthritis and Obesity © Sebastia Kaulitzki/Shutterstock.com)

A study spanning 18 years confirms that arthritis is up, people are being diagnosed at a younger age and with a higher BMI.


A new study finds that vitamin D supplementation is associated with lower rates of acute respiratory tract infections, especially in people who are vitamin D deficient.

Jogging and bone health (Wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock.com)

Is it OK to run with knee pain? Is it a harbinger of osteoarthritis? In this slideshow, we feature some of the latest studies on knee osteoarthritis with findings that may surprise you.

(Glaucoma ©ARZTSAMUI/Shutterstock.com)

Over-the-counter treatment for joint pain commonly prescribed by physicians may increase intraocular pressure leading to glaucoma risk, new study suggests.

(Post-op knee replacement ©GoneWithTheWind/Shutterstock.com)

Pre-surgical widespread body pain is associated with persistent pain in patients following total knee arthroplasty at 12 months post-surgery, researchers report.

(Foot fracture ©PollapatChirawong/Shutterstock.com)

Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency may be more common than you think, particularly in patients with fractures, shows a new review.


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