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A dermatologist has referred a patient who presented with a nodule on the edge of her ear. Can you guess the unusual diagnosis that led to the referral?

deep vein thrombosis

This 14-year-old girl not only has lupus; she has also been diagnosed with arthritis, a vasculitic rash, and myositis. Can you guess what's actually going on here?

By Albertyanks Albert Jankowski (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Common

Swelling and stiffness in both knees kept this preadolescent girl from the usual running and jumping. Xrays were normal. What do you make of the MRI images?

At a followup visit, this 36-year-old man being treated for reactive arthritis mentions seeing a dark spot in his field of vision. What does this tell you?

The 45-year-old woman turned up in the emergency room with an acutely painful, swollen thumb. Aspiration results were uninformative. What's the diagnosis?

Rheumatologists can play a key role in management of the many subtypes of cryoglobulinemia by recognizing the chief symptoms. Challenge your knowledge in this brief quiz, then read a review by experts.

Can you guess the unusual cause for this man's knee pain? What else is going on?


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