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Can you guess the cause of these skin lesions, given biopsy results and information about a comorbidity that may (or may not) be relevant?

Whatever is causing this woman’s hip pain, her x-ray film looks quite severe. The diagnosis was correct 40 years ago, but it couldn’t be treated effectively then. What’s the problem?

Her headaches haven't improved with prednisone. It's not meningitis. Your tests show negative for vasculitis but positive for Lyme. Can you guess the diagnosis?

diabetic myonecrosis

A month after being diagnosed with gout, this woman returned for care with pain, swelling, and effusion in both knees. Can you guess the diagnosis?

Septic arthritis or Pott disease? Ankylosing spondylitis, degenerative arthritis, or neither? The most common sites for spinal epidural abscess? Test yourself in an 8-part quiz.

Lofgren syndrome

The patient is plagued by problems: Severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, a rash, chest and abdominal pains, and by the time she reaches a rheumatologist, periorbital edema and photophobia. Can you guess the cause?

The man, who is on dialysis, presented with pain in numerous joints at once. The images don't show signs of arthritis. Can you guess the diagnosis from descriptions of the findings?


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