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The patient presented with fever, dyspnea, and productive cough. He also had worsening lower-extremity arthralgia. Can you guess the diagnosis?

This 30-year-old woman presents with limited range of motion in all joints. What do you suspect from her radiographs?

She presented with such severe calf pain she could no longer walk unassisted, with a months-long history of fever of unknown origin. What does the MRI show?

This back pain doesn't feel anything like the usual fibromyalgia attack. Neither the chiropractor nor oxycodone helped. Now she's constipated. What diagnosis do you suspect?

This case and a bonus set of images from another woman with the same diagnosis reveal some of the many manifestations of her condition. Can you guess her diagnosis?

The elderly man with hypertension and polyarticular tophaceous gout experiences intermittent dizziness, neck pain, and arm weakness. Which condition is responsible?

Images taken 7 months apart show subtle densities of the left knee that has been causing pain. The woman also has subluxation of the fingers, without erosion.


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