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A 44-year-old nonsmoking immigrant from Taiwan sought help from a dermatologist for this longstanding skin eruption, lately complicated by weight loss and fatigue.

A 36-year-old male weight lifter complained of a dull-achy pain in his right shoulder. He reported no injury or trauma.

A 26-year-old man had asymptomatic, erythematous, non-scaling plaques on the neck and upper back. He thought they were most likely insect bites.

This 6-month-old turned up in the emergency department with cough and fever. As a preemie, she had required lung ventilation and received CPR, according to her parents. Rib fractures were discovered, of which they claimed no knowledge. Suspicious?

A 13-year-old boy presents with a mass on his right calf that has been increasing in size.

The 27-year-old patient sustained a FOOSH (fall on outstretched hand) injury while roller skating. What classic imaging sign appears on the radiograph of his injured left elbow?

The janitor began to have shoulder pain about 5 months ago, even when he wasn't moving. Also, his fingernails are clubbed.


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