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The risk of dying as a result of alcohol-related causes is greater in persons who have the condition.

This study was the first to use an objective measure to link severity of psoriasis and risk of death.

A new noninvasive approach to assessment for patients receiving methotrexate therapy might reduce the number of liver biopsies.

(Injection of a vaccine  ©thodonal88/Shutterstock.com)

Vaccine efficacy in RA, biosimilar safety and the danger of steroid injections for knee osteoarthritis top this week's research roundup. In this slideshow, we feature these and other recent research findings from the key journals.


Clinical trial shows that switching from the infliximab originator to its biosimilar does not compromise safety or effectiveness of treatment.

Dactylitis (©Beachbird/Shutterstock.com)

From skin to joint issues, the list of symptoms associated with psoriatic arthritis is long and not every patient exhibits the same symptoms. In this slideshow, we highlight PsA symptoms and treatments.

(Psoriasis ©Artemidapsy/Shutterstock.com)

In this slideshow, we highlight a Brazilian study that examines the effects of biologics on the three most common psoriasis comorbidities: Metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and fatty liver disease.


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