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11 Ways Physicians Can Stay Active

11 Ways Physicians Can Stay Active

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Counseling patients on exercise, clean eating, and other healthy lifestyle choices plays a significant role in disease prevention and chronic illness management. But, the modern practice of medicine, with its increased demands and time constraints, has made doctors less likely to practice what they preach. By finding ways to stay physically active throughout the day, physicians can improve their own health and productivity, as well as influence patients to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

In honor of May being National Physician Fitness and Sports month, here are some steps clinicians can take toward a more active lifestyle.  

(What's your favorite healthy hobby? Share your thoughts below in the comments section or by tweeting us @PhysiciansPract.) 

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Physicians Practice


I agree with the comments that have been posted. Exercise IS good, but it isn't a panacea for all of the stress and aggravation (as well as loss of income, independence, and career satisfaction) that physicians have. It's no wonder that >50% are burned out and 1 in 17 have thought of suicide. There are groups that are looking at helping physicians regain their career and life satisfaction, where they can discuss items and help each other. One such group is a facebook group that is for physicians only. It's worth checking out. https://tinyurl.com/PhysicianV4

S @

I am a very busy doctor, 65 years old but I either ride my bike for 20-30 minutes every day or walk for 1 hour twice a week. I love dancing, two times per week.and... no cell phone these periods!

maria @

We cannot give poison to doctors and ask them to swallow it beter by exercising , doing Yoga or Taichi or get another hobby.
The solution to better Medicine is to take the poison away. The problem is that the solution is not believable ! The solution is more trust and cancelling MACRA, HIPPA, MIPS and all the alphabet soup and going back to trusting doctors. We cannot force honesty so much. Doctor supervision should be simplified tremendously so that doctors can concentrate on patient care rather than on quality measures.
I propose cancelling everything and having NP or MD do chart reviews on doctor's medical records once a year or twice a year.

Pierre G, md

Boutros @

Could all of these physician's mental and physical stresses be resolved by doing one single activity? YES--- If they knew of a way to make all of the income they needed whenever they want, by working less hours, would they instantly reduce and eliminate each of the 11 issues mentioned in the article? YES.

So, I ask you, would any "sane" medical doctor jump at the chance to learn the secret to doing that without much cost and a short learning curve." I know how to do that, 100% guaranteed, and here I am after 40 years in medical practice trying to tell other MD's what they should have understood since medical school, and weren't told. It's a secret that all, and I mean all successful business people know--and you don't.

Curtis @

Do you have an email where I can private message you? Thanks. Melvina

Melvina @

We are already very productive. We are already significantly influencing patients towards
healthy lifestyles. What we need to do, which is what we recommend to patients,
is to prioritize our own health by not adding these superfluous comments.

Sara @

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