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Rheumatic Diseases

Rheumatic Diseases

The approved psoriatic arthritis drug apremilast reduced the number and painfulness of oral ulcers in a Phase 2 trial of Behçet syndrome.

New ACR/EULAR criteria for systemic sclerosis capture patients who present with Raynaud syndrome. Watch for those who have sclerodacytly or telangectasia.

A report from Japan describes 235 patients with immunoglobulin G4-related disease, which is characterized by masses in various organs and infiltration of plasma cells.

shoulder impingement syndrome

Arthroplasty takes another hit: A group from Finland reports that, besides being no better for shoulder impingement syndrome than an exercise program, it doesn't help those who gain no relief from the physical therapy.


Epidural steroid injections and gabapentin lower pain scores and boost functional capacity, but differences between the two modalities are small and results are transitory.

autoimmune disease pregnancy

In the third edition of #rheumjc, author (and Twitter regular) John Cush MD discusses a report from a summit on management of pregnancy and lactation in women with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

A review and a research study take a closer look at the small vessel disease that's generally tied to hepatitis C but may arise in autoimmune disorders. The latter finds new markers for severity.


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